Do you know the difference between these two occupations

In the world of prostitution, escorting and sex work, lines have blurred between what is expected and what happens when people hire someone. So what is the difference between prostitution and escorting?


Legality – When you hire an escort you are paying for her time and anything else that happens during that time is simply between two consenting adults who found each other attractive. Being an escort cannot be illegal as you are not paying her for sex. A prostitute however is someone who is hired for the explicit purpose of having sex with them and that is illegal is a lot of places.

Independent/Agency – High class escorts are often booked through agencies and have a reputation and reviews to show that they are trustworthy. Independent Escorts often can be found on sites where they also have reviews and ratings. Depending on how you hire a prostitute there is no guarantee of her reliability. She may have been coerced into it by someone who would commonly be known as a pimp in which case it is not her choice to be involved in sex work. If you visit a prostitute that works out of a brothel then you have no idea of her circumstances and if she is there willingly or not.

Travel situations – Escorts, especially high end ones often travel to places with their clients, either to a function or to dinner before spending alone time with them. Some escorts never go anywhere alone with a client but are simply hired to be company and entertainment during a night out. An escort can travel to meet you or you can meet her somewhere in public. A prostitute is usually stationed in a brothel or a bar waiting to convince men to hire them.

The bottom line seems to be that if you are an escort you are being hired for your time, your looks, your experience and as entertainment and if you are a prostitute then you are being hired for sex.

Although this used to be the case, the rise in escorts being independent and not specifically part of high end agencies has definitely confused the once clear definitions and many escorts will specify on their profiles that you can hire them for sex and then they provide an incall where you go over to their place to meet them for sex, In these cases is she not a prostitute?

Whatever the case, as long as the woman you are meeting is in the trade willingly and whatever happens has been consented to then does it really matter how you identify these women?