OMG…. Check out THIS fetish

In the world of sex and kink there is undoubtedly something for everyone but have you heard about people with a Disability Fetish? These ‘Devotees’ are people who are sexually aroused by people with a disability.


This attraction to disability is basically when people are sexually attracted to the appearance, feel of and experience of being disabled, It is classed as Paraphilia which is a sexual attraction to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviours, or individuals but some scientists believe it should be identified as a form of identity disorder.

Acrotomophilia is the scientific name for people who have sexual urges and attraction specifically towards amputee’s but there is not a name for every disability and so it all tends to be covered under the umbrella name of Disability Fetish.

So what are Devotees? They are people who have an attraction to all kinds of disabilities such as amputations, limb difference, muscle weakening requiring a wheelchair and more.

There are Facebook groups, forums and websites all dedicated towards the Disability fetish. Disabled people wishing to be ‘worshipped’ can go on them and get in touch with Devotee’s, and while this is all consensual there is a darker side to the fetish in which disabled people are sought out by devotees whether they want to be or not. Disabled people who post YouTube videos to highlight their struggles or to show people how they manage to do everyday things can find themselves bombarded with comments and messages from devotees that are unwanted,

The devotees that fall into this darker category of not so much getting turned on by someone with a disability but rather, getting turned on watching the struggle that they go through thereby completely objectifying them are known as Bad Dev’s.

In 2016 director Jack Newman made a 25 minute documentary for BBC Three where Wheelchair user Emily Yates investigates the world of disability fetish meeting both Devotees and the disabled people who film videos for them.