REVEALED….. Why men love feet

There are three types of people. Number one is the kind of people that absolutely despise feet, can’t stand to look at them and jump a mile if you touch them with a foot like it’s made out of pure evil. Number two is the average person who really hasn’t ever thought too much about feet, they’re just…there. Then there is number three. Number three see’s a pair of feet and instead of disgust or indifference they adore them! Like…Really adore them. Worship them even! These people belong to the mystifying world of foot fetishism.


Foot fetishism or as it’s also known, foot partialism or foot worshipping is classified as Someone having a sexual interest in feet. Despite it not being talked about widely it is actually the most common type of fetish involving non sexual objects or body parts. It can focus on different parts of the foot and not the whole thing for example some foot worshippers have a particular interest in the toes, Long or short, painted or bare? Even the size of the toenail beds! Other worshippers like the arch of the foot or the ball and others the soles of the feet.

What the feet are covered in can play a role in exciting the worshipper. Some like feet to be covered in socks or tights and some like sandals or high heels, all revealing different amounts of the foot and the act of taking a shoe or sock off can be just as titillating to foot fans as a strip tease! Jewellery can also play an important role in the fetish, as some like to see toe rings and anklets and even painted decorations such as henna or permanent tattoos.

The look of the feet is important to foot lovers but also the action that is being done to the feet is just as important. For example some like to see feet getting washed and massaged or getting a pedicure. Related to the foot fetish but a kink in it’s own right is Odour fetishism. This is when someone gets turned on by the smell of something usually emanating from the human body and what better odour provider are there than feet after a long day in a pair of shoes and socks!

Sensory attraction in regards to foot fetishism can include doing things such as sucking, licking, nibbling, biting and even rubbing their genitals on someone’s foot.

Did you know that in 2016 actor Idris Elba told UK Esquire. “I’ve got a foot fetish. Women’s feet”. Other stars that have admitted to this particular fetish include Spanish sex idols Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, Actor and former beau of Pamala Anderson (Who I’m sure had perfectly manicured and dainty feet!), Tommy Lee,  and Rapper/actor Ludacris.

If these actors can come out as foot worshippers then perhaps it’s becoming more mainstream and less strange as time goes on, each to their own!