Swinging around the world

If you enjoy swinging but feel like you have exhausted all of the Swingers clubs in the UK and want to travel for your fun, or even if you just fancy a bit of a holiday with a naughty night of fun in there, then below are a few places you could go.


First up we have America. The Pleasure Garden Club at 6039 Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19153, USA. This is not your typical swingers club it does not boast intricate rooms and dungeons it styles itself as a simple dance club where anything goes. It does have a few play rooms with different themes such as Camelot, Zen and cave, but it is mainly just a huge dance floor with seats scattered around the edges. You can’t buy alcohol there but you can bring your own. It does however, in the corner have a shower cubicle and some see through baths!

The Oops! Club in Barcelona is next. Oops has a garden with a mojito bar and heated pool and outdoor play area, a disco area with another bar and four orgy rooms. It has a beautiful glass enclosed balcony on the top floor looking out at the city. The club has unisex bathing facilities and dressing rooms and even has a dark room and BDSM area! The address is Carrer d’Anglí, 6908017 Barcelona, Spain.

Now to visit Club Paradise Schaafstraat 26A, 1021 KE Amsterdam. This swingers club in the Netherlands is visually stunning and is host to, a bar, stripper poles, dance area, intimate seating areas, private rooms, swimming pool, steam bath, showers, lockers, sauna and even a sex swing with plenty of room for watchers! In short everything you could dream of on offer!

France’s turn now with their offer of the  Le Taken club. This beautiful and elegant club is small but what they do have is breath-taking. Enter through a lounge where you leave your belongings and walk down a grand staircase to a dance area that has a wooden dance floor, stripper pole and a live DJ. The bar stocks alcohol, soft drinks and you can even get hot drinks made. There is lots of seating here but you can go through to the lounges next. There is a large bed for multiple people as well as discreet alcoves, it also has a mirror room, dark room and what they call a fetishist living room! There is also a smoke room where you can go if you don’t want to go outside.

So if America, Spain, The Netherlands or France is on your bucket list then why not check out one of these clubs when you’re there so you can experience your swinging with a little local culture and style.