Role play in Bristol

Have you got a fantasy that you would like to indulge in with a sexy lady? Something you might not be able to fulfil in real life? Why not hire an escort who caters to men looking for roleplay?


X_Miss_Elizabeth_x is a sexy escort from Bristol who offers a Roleplay service, This busty brown haired beauty can be the maid to your lord of the manor…The secretary to your CEO, The naughty schoolgirl to your strict headmaster…And anything else you might want to pretend to be!

You can message her and meet and be transported to a place where you and she can be anything you can think of! The hero, the villain, the columbian drug lord for all I know, I’m not judging!

Miss Elizabeth also offers a tia and tease service so who knows, maybe you can finally rescue that damsel in distress that’s been tied up and left to perish…Swoon!

If Miss Elizabeth is not your type of woman then there are plenty more in your local area just waiting for you to share your fantasies with them so that they can give you the best night of your life.