REVEALED….. Top 5 ways to last longer in bed

The porn industry has convinced millions of men and women that great sex means longevity and shows the lead male going at it for around 20 minutes or more unless they stop and do other naughty stuff. The vanilla film industry has told us that you can have slow lazy sex on a sunday morning in bed for hours! Everywhere has drummed it into us that longer is just better and should be easy, but randy scientists have done numerous studies that show sex, as in from penetration to ejaculation, actually on average works out to be around four to six minutes with a range of between 33 seconds and 40+ minutes!


If you are a lot closer to ‘taking your socks off’ than ‘Cook a Jamie Oliver meal’ and feel like you need to raise your time because you want to be a stud, or if you suffer from erectile dysfunction and simply want to prolong your stamina so that the lucky lady your doing has enough time for her then here is a few things you can try.

Condoms – Premature ejaculation may be caused because of hypersensitivity, in which case using condoms can help lessen the sensations, especially if you purchase a thicker type.

Kegels – Turns out Kegals are good for more than helping mums not sneeze and pee at the same time but can actively improve men’s ejaculation control. If you are not sure how to locate the pelvic floor then next time you go to the toilet try stopping mid stream, hold then release, That right there is your pubococcygeal muscles of the pelvic floor! Now you can do sets of these holding the muscles in for 10 seconds at a time, start with five or ten and work your way up once you are used to it.

Edging – Next time you are masturbating, right when you get to the point of ejaculation, Stop. Hands off and step away from the orgasm! It might suck to deny yourself and you might not be able to stop it the first dozen times, but once you have the hang of it you will find you can train yourself to endure more pleasure before having an orgasm and when you do eventually let yourself then it can be stronger and more enjoyable than any your previous had.

Viagra – That little blue pill is not just a way for grandpa to keep and maintain an erection but it’s thought it can actually help delay ejaculation, It has no scientific proof behind it but a lot of men on forums swear by it.

Numbing Gels/Creams – Usually with the principal ingredient Lidocaine, these can help to numb some sensations which could cause you to get over excited. You can buy these online or they might stock them at your local chemist or even a shop like Ann summers.

Above all, Rest and don’t stress. Anxiety is one of the main reasons for Erectile dysfunction and the act of not lasting for as long as you want causes more stress which then affects you even more and so on… The more depressed, stressed and unhappy you are, the more chance of ED happening. So chill out and enjoy.