What you should know about Breath Play before you start

If you haven’t heard of breath play before then maybe you have heard of it’s proper name which is Erotic asphyxiation. In the kinky world of BDSM this is one of the more risky type of sexual acts as it has the possibility of going very wrong indeed. There are two types of Breath play:


Erotic asphyxiation is where one partner intentionally cuts off the air supply to the other during sexual activity. This is usually done through such methods as choking or smothering. The other is Autoerotic asphyxiation, this one is done solo during masturbation usually with a tourniquet of some kind.

So why do people do this? Most who indulge in breath play states that it heightens sexual arousal and makes the orgasm a lot stronger than it otherwise would be, while some use it as a form of power play in a dom/sub relationship. Is this enough of a reason to literally take your or someone else’s life into your own hands when there are so many things that could go wrong?

Risks associated with breath play are: Crush injuries to the throat area if you press too hard on the wrong bit of anatomy, Cardiac arrest, Brain damage from oxygen starvation, unconsciousness leading to choking on your tongue, an undiagnosed asthma attack, and of course death. Hundreds of people have been arrested for killing or causing irreversible harm to their partner when something has gone wrong not to mention the guilt they live with. If you are determined to go ahead with this risky practice then here are some rules to follow to help prevent any harm.

Educate Yourself – Learn about the anatomy around the areas you are messing with so that you have an idea of what kind of force and placement is safe. Research signs of suffocation and oxygen deficiency. Learn how to do effective CPR.

Don’t solo play – Autoerotic asphyxiation has the highest death rate out of the two as when people start to lose consciousness they don’t realise it can happen so quick and so they can’t undo the tourniquet or knot around their neck in time leading to death. David Carradine anyone? Have someone watch or be in the next room to check on you if you insist on doing it, make sure they know CPR.

Trust and Communication – When doing it with a partner you need to have absolute trust in them and know that they can recognise signs of you struggling. Have a safe word and a safe signal in case you can’t speak. Constantly check that your partner is ok and don’t get carried away to the point where you are not paying attention.

Finally just have an open and honest conversation with yourself or your partner about whether the rewards are worth the risks. Maybe look into alternatives such as holding your breath of learning tantric sex? Whatever you end up doing, Be safe.