Roleplay is a great way to indulge our deepest and darkest fantasies that would get you in trouble if you did it in real life, or simply a way to become a doctor for an hour without the years of training and thousands of pounds training with the possibility of getting fined and fired for hitting on a sexy nurse! Whatever you can think of, somebody has it filed away in their fantasy spank bank just waiting for the opportunity to have it acted out for a wild night of fun. If you are overwhelmed by all the different things you could do and want a few simple ideas of the most popular roleplay scenarios to choose from then here you go!


The Repairman

This absolute classic was a favourite of porn films everywhere and is burned into the brain of anyone you ask to name a roleplay. You know the one. There is a knock at the door and when the scantily clad homeowner opens the door there is an overall clad Adonis there to fix her problem with his…Tool. No cups of tea and builders bum here, just instant attraction and never actually getting an answer as to if he ever fixed that darn machine!

Teacher and student

If you ever had a crush on your French teacher in school but could never do anything about it because of your age then here is your chance to rewrite history. Maybe you have been a naughty student and need detention so she can punish you or maybe you are the strict headteacher who teaches an impressionable student a few things!

Stripper gone wild

If you have ever been to a strip club then you know the rule…Keep your hands to yourself! Well this time when she has done her sexy strip tease and you’ve had a lap dance then you can get your hands on that body as much as you like! Bonus points if you get props in the form of a stripper pole! Wait…Can you rent stripper poles?

Strangers in the night

Sometimes you just want to spice things up so why not take the roleplay on the road? Arrange to meet at a bar and then pretend not to know each other. Try and pick each other up using all those corny chat up lines you know would have failed the first time around, then take them home and use the line “I just want you to know I never usually do this!”

Whatever the scenario you end up choosing, half of the fun is in the planning and you might find that some of the best ideas are created by just talking and sharing ideas with your partner who can then expand on them, You might find just talking about the right kind of role play for each other might get you hot under the collar and in the mood!