The rule is, if you can think of it then somewhere out there, there is porn of it! So there must be a fair few fetish videos of the more common kinks such as feet, bondage, dom/sub etc. Here are a few fetishes that you would have to search a whole lot deeper to find video proof of, prepare to be shocked!

  1. Agalmatophilia – Sexual attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins and other things that usually only give us nightmare fuel not things to add to the spank bank!
  2. Nasolingus – This one involves wanting to lick or suck on somebody’s nose, you never know what is going to come out but it’s never good.
  3. Formicophilia – Being turned on by small insects crawling over and biting you, usually on your private parts, Quite literally, Ants…in your…pants.
  4. Xylophilia – For when you want to do more than just hug a tree, An arousal to wood and nature in general, Great for dogging lovers I guess.
  5. Coulrophilia – Sexual attraction towards mimes, jesters and clowns, the total opposite of how most of the world feel about them!
  6. Coprophilia – Arousal towards poop. Yep that’s a thing! You’ve heard of 2 girls 1 cup right? Don’t google it if you haven’t!
  7. Autassassinophilia – Being turned on by being in dangerous and life threatening situations. Probably what Princess Peach has, how else can you explain her getting kidnapped so much!?
  8. Autovampirism – Sexual arousal by drinking your own blood, usually after self harming.
  9. Plushophilia – Not to be confused with the more well known Furry fetish, This one is being attracted to actual stuffed animals. Some men put fleshlights in the teddies to mimic, ya know…
  10. Asphyxiophilia – This one you may have heard of before but I think it deserves to be on this list as it is the most dangerous one out of all! So, otherwise known as asphyxiation or auto asphyxiation, is when you like to have someone strangled or choked have you, or someone do it to you to heighten sexual pleasure.  

There are plenty more fetishes out there that would seem uncommon to most and if you feel brave enough you are welcome to go and look for them!