Do you like having sex outside? Why not hire an escort to help you make the most of a night or lunchtime of enjoying the wonderful world of Dogging!


Dogging is when people have sex or other sexual acts in public places where they risk getting spotted which only adds to the excitement. I’m not talking about right in the middle of a playground or anything don’t get me wrong but places like heavily wooded areas, scenic roads, car parks are a popular one but maybe not during lunch hour!

Sauxyminx is an escort from Leicester who offers a dogging service. This curvy Milf is packing an impressive 38GG and has one of her nipples pierced which she states are ‘massive’ and ‘quite sensitive’.

She offers many more services too though if going al fresco is not for you including car meets, So if you want that dogging experience without the watchers and chance of getting caught then you can always just park somewhere nobody will ever pass by!

If you do go dogging though the most popular areas for it in Leicester are:

  • Covert Lane, Scraptoft
  •  Western Park
  • Industrial units, Charter Street
  •  The Car park at Abbey Park

Get out there and have fun!