How masturbation is good for your health

Everybody knows that sex can be good for your health but did you know that masturbation also has significant benefits? Here are a few:


It releases sexual tension that may have been building up due to not having a partner to engage in sex with. While blue balls is definitely not a recognised medical problem the building up of sexual tension can create all kinds of stress and the release of that stress can leave someone feeling very calm and happy.

With the release of sexual tension also comes the release of stress, the stress doesn’t have to be sexual it can be feeling overwhelmed by anything in life and the act of masturbation releases dopamine which can help you feel calmer and more ready to face the world. Messing with your tackle can help you tackle…the world!

Sleeping better is a useful side effect of masturbation as reduced stress levels lead to a calmer mind that doesn’t seem to wander as much. Research shows that having an orgasm actually reduces the body’s production of the natural stress hormone, cortisol which is responsible for making you stress about life when you are trying to relax.

Masturbation can help improve your sex life and have a significant effect on any sexual problems you might have. The act of masturbating is used as a treatment for Erectile Dysfunction when started and stopped before orgasm it can help train your brain to endure more pleasure before finishing and even make the release feel better than it normally would.

Good news for women, masturbation can actually help with muscle aches and period cramps due to releasing dopamine and serotonin. These feel good chemicals not only improve your mood but act as a natural painkiller and muscle reliever.

It can improve your sex life. Mutual masturbation is a great way to show your partner what really turns you on and how you like to be touched. If engaging in solo masturbation, it is a great way to learn about what feels good to you so you can share that knowledge later on.

All of these benefits are a great reason why masturbation is something to be enjoys but the major point is that it feels great and it is the safest form of sex you can have. There is no risk of pregnancy and STD’s with masturbation and so if you are unable to have sex due to not having protection it is something you can mutually enjoy as a couple. Not to mention it is free and as long as you are in private, can be engaged in at any time meaning it is easier to come by than actual sex.