Dinner dates in Bristol

Dining out doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. If you have a friends party or even a  work event to go to and need an interesting beauty on your arm to help you get the best out of the night, then maybe you should look into hiring an escort.


Victoria is a beautiful petite escort from Bristol that goes by the name xxxDirtyGirlxx who offers a dinner date service with her clients that is definitely a date to be savoured, as you admire her 34DD cleavage in a beautiful outfit and revel in the jealous looks from other people as you go on your date.

A few tips for you, to make the experience a great one:

Remain sober – You can drink, that’s fine but please don’t get wasted or your escort may decide to cut short the appointment.

Be clean and well presented- Shower and clean clothes are a must! Nobody wants to be seen with a slob, if you are coming straight from work then fair enough but if you expect to go somewhere private after dinner then make sure you have access to cleaning facilities.

Don’t forget this is not a real date – Your escort may not want to make it clear to outside strangers what her job is so please make sure you are discreet. Do not try and pry into her personal life but keep the chat light and fun and let her lead if you are unsure.