REVEALED…the side effects drugs have on your sex life

We all know that your sex life can be affected by lots of different things such as your mood, stresses in life, sleep and even the foods you eat. But did you know that there are people out there taking medications and drugs both legal and not, that have a significant effect on their libido and performance? Here are a few:


Let’s start with legal drugs and their effects, Blood pressure medications. Men seem to suffer with the effects of this kind of medication most of all as the blood is needed to maintain an erection and without it, it’s impossible to maintain one without the help of another little pill which does not come cheap.

Antidepressants are next and can affect men and women equally. They usually work by enhancing the serotonin swirling around in someone’s brain and while you may think an excess of the bodies natural love drug might be a good thing, it can often lead to a reduced sex drive and lessen the ability to feel sexual pleasure.

Tranquilisers such as diazepam and chlordiazepoxide can actually increase a persons sex drive but comes with the catch of delaying pleasure and orgasm leading to a loss of erection or interest in the sexual activities performed.

Between legal drugs prescribed and illegal drugs lies alcohol. We do it for fun not because we have to, but it is totally legal. While drinking may make you feel like a sex stud or pornstar when it gets down to the nitty gritty a lot of men can find it hard to perform, so much so that the ability to lose an erection or not get one in the first place has a well known name, ‘Brewers droop’.

Illegal drugs now and we start with Cocaine. People high on coke can actually feel pretty horny and want to go at it all night long but when it comes to actually performing, men find they can’t get and maintain an erection and women can be dry and unable to self lubricate.

Ketamine is a weird one as it actually depends on your mindset when you go into the ‘High’. The feelings of euphoria can either increase sexual satisfaction or diminish it depending on mood.

While the physical effects of drugs on your sex life is one to consider, people often don’t think about the mental health and risky sexual health that comes with taking them and engaging in sex acts. A loss of inhibitions and control can lead to making very risky decisions in regards to protection which can lead to pregnancy and a whole lot of STDs.