Would you hire your wife an escort?

Do you think you could be happy with your wife having sex with another man…One who you paid for? Men around the world have found themselves in this exact position of paying for an escort to bed their wives for a myriad of reasons:


A Gift

Some men, especially those who have a swingers kind of relationship with their partners will think nothing of treating her to a sexy night with a young hunk that they paid to see her as a present to her, a birthday or Christmas gift perhaps.

Some husbands will even join in and hire the escort as part of a threesome especially if the escort they hired is female.


For some men they are in a relationship with someone who is Bisexual or at the very least Bi-Curious and so they will hire a female escort for their wife to help them indulge that side of their sexuality, this can help to prevent cheating in some relationships as there is no need to stray if the wife has all of her needs met.

Inability to satisfy

What if you just couldn’t please your wife anymore? Maybe you now suffer with irreversible erectile dysfunction and can’t give her the intimate sex she wants, maybe you have been in an accident and cannot use certain limbs or muscles? You love your wife and you want her to be happy and so you hire someone that can do the things to her that you can no longer do.

Last ditch attempt to save the relationship

What if you love your wife and you are happy with your sex life but she is not? What if she wants to be free and single and sleep with whoever she wants? A few men have even resorted to bargaining with their wives to have them stay, under the conditions that instead of leaving, he will pay for her to see escorts to relieve her desire to sleep with other people.


Perhaps the simplest reason of all of them is that a lot of men will hire an escort to sleep with his wife under the condition that he watches the whole thing. He could be in a corner of the room directing what he wants the escort to do to his wife or simply sitting back and watching it happen while pleasuring himself. It’s a thrill to watch someone else have their way with his woman.

Whatever the reasons behind it, and I’m sure there are many more than mentioned above, As long as all parties are consenting and the wife knows that the escort is being paid by her partner, then as long as nobody gets hurt, it’s all good!