REVEALED….the best lubes to make your sex life more enjoyable

In the past, lube was traditionally only used by people who needed lubrication because they could not produce their own. As time has gone on, formulas have improved, gimmicks have been added, science has made strides and lube is no longer something that is shameful to want, but a way to make your sex life loads better than it could be without the glidey goodness! What lube should you choose though and do you know which ones you should avoid unless you want to render your protection useless and your toys dead?


Water based lube

The Jack of all trades, water based lubes are the most commonly used ones as they are suitable for pretty much all uses, they are safe to use with condoms, they won’t mess with your toys which are usually made from silicone and you are less likely to find yourself irritated or allergic to any of the ingredients in them.

Water based lubes are not suitable if you want to indulge in a little water play though as they wash off quite easily. This does mean however that, unlike other lubes, they won’t cause your bedsheets to be semi stained and needing a good hot wash the second you’re done so you can quite happily roll over, avoid the wet spot until it dries and nod off post coitus! The only real downside of water based lubes is that they get absorbed by your skin and so you may need to reapply mid session.

Silicone based lube

This type is great for when you intend to have a marathon sex session as it does not soak in and provides a longer and slippier time than water based. It can stain your sheets though and when it comes time to wash it off then you will need hot water and soap and a good scrubbing which may not be great if you are a little tender after your long session. This type of lube is great if you want to have steamy shower sex or a play in the tub as it won’t wash away too quickly while you are in water.

The bad thing about this lube though is that you should not use it alongside any toys that are made from silicone as it will wear down the rubber and when a sex toy degrades it gets bumps and grazes in the rubber which make them harder to clean and so they get less sanitary as time goes on.

Oil based lube

This is the lube that just keeps on giving! Once applied you will probably not have to reapply as it lasts a lot longer than the above lubes. It is versatile as you can double it up as a sexy massage oil and then spread it wherever you want to play. Oil based lubes are great if you want to give a hand job but should never be used if you need an effective condom as it will break down the latex and make it useless, sex toys should also not be used with it. It will stain your knickers and your sheets so maybe stick to water play, self play or massages followed by condom free sex.