We all have fantasies in our head that we love to visit right? A uniform that turns us on, a kink that is a little hard to enjoy without fear of getting told off. We all have an idea of what is sexy to us that we might not be able to ever do in real life for fear being arrested or looked at as a weirdo! It is the lovely ladies such as the beautiful SweetsexyAmy, an escort from Sheffield that offers a roleplay service to help you act out these desires in a safe atmosphere and no judgement.


Roleplay includes all kinds of scenarios, Here are a few for you to try:

Sexy Secretary – A pair of glasses, a see through blouse and a pencil is all the props you might need for this one!

Maid or manservant – Perhaps a feather duster can be used for more than just cleaning?

The Masseuse – Some scented oils can lead to a very happy ending…

Repairman – Classic pornography scenario, no need to actually break anything though!

Whatever kind of roleplay you decide to do, escorts like Amy are experts at making it fun and exciting for you and leaving you wanting more.