Helpful hints for perfect car sex

Car sex is not just for horny teenagers with nowhere to go, unfaithful couples meeting up between houses and Jack and Rose on the titanic. It can add much needed spice to a couples sex life if things have gotten stale, it can provide the only place harassed parents can get away from their nosy children or it can simply be just another extension of the bedroom for when you come over all hot and horny on a road trip and can’t wait to get to a bed. So here are some tips to make it amazing!


Get the best seated position – Nobody is trying to do doggy style in a car unless you happen to be driving a minivan. Make sure that you are in the passenger or back seat rather than the driver’s seat because not only is there more room without the steering wheel bruising her lower back, but nobody wants to accidentally hit the horn unless you don’t mind accidentally dogging and inviting others to watch or even join in! Best position for this? Cowgirl or reverse cow girl.

Make room – If you don’t want to remain upright then you could lower the backseats down as if you’re making room to move something and because you are not going to be driving at the same time, move the front seats all the way forward. This should create a fair sizable space for you to get down in. Missionary or the sensual big spoon/little spoon position is best for this.

Under the moon – It is best to wait until night time to partake if you can as there is less chance of being spotted by random passers-by or passing cars, just remember to turn the inside light off not only will it help hide you but the starlight and darkness is just plain romantic.

Park somewhere isolated and stay safe – You want to be somewhere that is far enough away to stop people peering in but you do want to be close to civilization incase there is an emergency, like some weird car sex related injury for example.

Keep it PG – You don’t need full on sex to accomplish enjoying sexual activity in a car, a blanket can double up as a handy security screen where you could mutually masturbate each other like a couple of randy teens, it is easily hideable if someone walks by and can be a great source of foreplay if you do want to move to the bedroom to carry on later.

Dress to impress – If you a prone to wanting sudden car sex but you also like to wear jeans with a fiddly button or a smart suit then it may not go hand in hand. The ladies should wear skirts or dresses if they know they will be having car sex later as it is easier access and the men should wear trousers that are easy to undo and pull down, if anyone happens upon you and the lady is wearing a loose dress then she can cover all the naughty bits and you can pretend you are just making out!