Best positions for a large penis

Every man wants a big penis right? Women would just flock to them in anticipation of riding that elephant trunk all night long! Or would they?


Men who have a penis that is big…like ridiculously big, actually can find that women find it painful and difficult to have penetrative sex with them because they just go too deep and then they just avoid it altogether leaving the poor well endowed fellow to his own devices instead of having great sex. Fear not, elephant trunk man! Here are a few handy tips and tricks to make sure you can still have sex without causing pain.

Foreplay – One would expect that you are fulfilling this anyway, but just in case, have lots of foreplay, I mean lots! When a woman is aroused, her vagina actually becomes longer and more flexible which leads to being able to accept a bigger penis. The wetter the better too! If you are wide as well as long, then if she is not wet enough, you could actually cause small tears at the opening of her vagina and she will definitely not thank you for that. So have all the foreplay you can, the kissing, the stroking, maybe some oral and make sure she is ready for you before trying to go in.

Lube – As above suggested, the wetter the better! Don’t rely on foreplay alone as her wetness may dry away during sex, invest in a great lube. Water based are versatile and can be used with condoms but if you are having unprotected sex and don’t mind a little staining of sheets, then an oil or silicone lube is best for remaining during the busy times, the wetter she stays the easier you are going to glide in and out.

Ladies – If your lady really wants to take all of you then she should be practicing her pelvic floor exercises. By strengthening her pelvic floor doing Kegals she will find it easier to control and therefore relax those muscles to let you in easier.

Positions – When all of the above is done it’s time for the main show! Positions are key in having great sex without the pain that can go with it. Here are three to try:

Reverse cowgirl – Lie down and have your partner straddle you, facing away from you. She should be slightly angled away from you with her weight all on her palms which can rest on your legs. This position means a shallower penetration and gives her full control over how deep she wants to go.

Standing Doggy Style – If you love Doggy but end up going deep then this one is great for you, have her put her hands against a wall and you enter her from behind. The difference in height and the fact that she is standing means that you can’t go in too deep.

Big spoon – This is pretty similar to the standing doggy style except you are lying down in a comfy bed. You can enter from behind as the big spoon and she can move her hips forward or back to control how deep you can thrust.