Everything you need to know about premature ejaculation

Do you suffer from premature ejactulation and want to learn more about it, or maybe you are looking for ways to help your partner with it? Here is everything you need to know about this problem that can affect any man, anytime, starting with what is it?


Premature ejaculation is when a man has an orgasm and comes within a very short time of beginning any kind of sexual activity. This means that if he is trying to have penetrative sex then he loses his stiffness and often interest in carrying on leaving the woman unable to enjoy penetrative sex herself.

What causes PE? The truth is, no definitive answer to this as men who suffer from it can have multiple reasons behind it, both physical and mental.

Physically, it can be because of prostate problems such as Prostatitis, which can affect a man’s sexual performance or having an overactive or underactive thyroid gland. Drugs can play a big part in it. If you are taking recreational drugs, for example amphetamines or cocaine, they can have a huge effect on not only PE but Erectile dysfunction too. Prescribed drugs can also have side effects that can interfere with ejaculation and erection control.

Mentally there are a myriad of reasons that can affect your performance. Depression, poor self image, a history of sexual abuse, anxiety and relationship problems have all been found to contribute to premature ejaculation. Some research suggests that early sexual experiences can also have an effect. One theory is that as an adolescent, you had to masturbate quickly to avoid being caught and this conditions a brain to equate the pleasure with needing a quick release and then some men find it hard to break out of this habit. Identifying what causes the PE can be a difficult and sometimes impossible process and an answer never found.

So what can be done to help? Self treatment can be attempted and some research shows that if you masturbate to completion an hour or so before sex then you may be able to last longer. Focusing on other sexual activities other than penetrative sex can help to take the pressure off leading to being more relaxed and confident in your sex life which can have an effect when full sex is tried next time. The start and stop method can be helpful. This is when, during sex, the man feels he is close to coming so he stops all activity, withdraws and waits for it to pass before trying again. He can try to do this 2 or 3 times before finally allowing himself to ejaculate. It can be tough at first but with experience comes better control.

Other treatments can include psycoanylis and sex therapy to try and tackle the root of the problem if it is mental based. Medical treatments and even surgery can be options when the PE is consistent and severe.