Have you ever made a sex tape?

Is there an X rated video of you and a partner out there somewhere? On Pornhub or just discreetly sitting on your phone or laptop? Maybe there isn’t one but it’s something you have always wanted to do, in which case read on and learn a few things to make sure it’s the best porno it could be!


Planning and consent – First things first, Everybody who participates should be aware that it is being filmed and agrees to it. If consent is a go then time to nail down some details. Who will own the tape (file, video, sd card, whatever!) when it is done? If you both have a copy then make sure you are clear on whether you are allowed to show it to anybody or if it is for personal enjoyment only. No revenge porn!

Set the scene – If you are going to film it in your bedroom then make sure that your sheets aren’t the tatty old ones with stains on them and that there aren’t piles of clothes all over the place distracting from the main attraction. If there are pictures of family or children on your walls and you are planning to upload the tape anywhere then make sure you have removed them from sight. You don’t have to stick to the bedroom of course, the same rules apply to other rooms so you might just want to just put that hemorrhoid cream on your bathroom side in a drawer!

Lighting – Everyone knows the pain of taking what you think is a great photo and then looking back on it to find it covered in shadows and not exactly clear to make out. Lighting is key in a porno especially as there will be a lot of movement and shadows, so use a bright light but check that glare isn’t affecting the camera.

Clothes and props – That sexy black see through negligee may be sexy to look at but on camera it could block the view so make sure clothing is not the star of the scene. Your bedding should be plain coloured and not patterned as to take away from the scene. A white sheet will help reflect the light and no blanket to get in the way.

What is your device? Gone are the day’s where people needed an actual video recorder to film their fun, now you can do it with security cameras, phones, cameras and of course still, video recorders. Whatever you use, check that the angle is right and you won’t be blocking the shot so don’t have it at the bottom of the bed facing towards it as all you’re likely to see is his back and her feet! If you are using your phone then maybe try a tripod on the bedside table or something instead of accidentally recording your bedsheets and ceiling in a shaky, blurred video that nobody can keep up with.

Editing – Once your tape is filmed then buy a cheap video software to help you edit out the 20 minutes of shuffling into awkward positions, that 2 minute pee break and that brief conversation about how ridiculous you feel making those extra noises for the audience! Edit together the best bits and then enjoy your very own x rated film!