Are there any benefits of celibacy?

Celibacy is when a person abstains from sex and in some cases any and all sexual activity related to it. In some cases it may be because of religious beliefs, such as waiting until marriage and in some cases it may be because of health reasons that prevent them from having an active sex life and so they simply don’t get any. Some people however who are quite capable, choose to be celibate for personal reasons which we will explore here.


Improving yourself

Taking the focus away from sex and the pursuit of it can free up a lot of brainpower that can then be used to focus on improving your life in other ways. Without sex, thinking tends to be more logical and reason is at the forefront of all decisions. Making better decisions is a quick and simple way to tackle other problems that may have been having an effect on your life.

This sudden increase in focus can lead to being more productive too with you getting on with things that you were putting off which can only improve your life.

Improve your relationship

If you are already in a relationship and you choose to be celibate together then this can have a dramatic effect on how you perceive each other. Without dopamine hits clouding how you actually feel about each other and leading you to ignore the red flags, you may find that you have a deeper understanding of how your relationship is actually going. If you still indulge in some sexual activity but not full sex then it can deepen the intimacy between you and you may actually find that you learn more about each others bodies leading to explosive sex if you choose to have it later.

Self esteem

Whether or not you can attract a partner has a huge effect on how we perceive ourselves and if we do not attract people then we can get hang ups about ourselves and our bodies which can really damage your self esteem. Taking the focus off of other people and how they may affect your mental health can lead to having a better perception of yourself and giving you the confidence that you may not otherwise have had.

Other benefits to celibacy is that there is obviously no chance of an unwanted pregnancy and any STD’s, save you money on contraception and other money you may have spent pursuing sex while socialising.