The tricks of talking dirty to your partner

The brain has a lot to do with how aroused we get, especially if you’re a woman, so it makes sense that dirty talk can be a huge turn on for some people. Some people do it naturally without even thinking about it, but for the rest of us who would feel embarrassed and unsure about trying out something like this when you’re not used to it, good news…Here are some handy tips for you to use your tongue for a different kind of oral to please your partner!


What good will come out of me making a fool of myself trying to talk dirty? I hear you ask, Well, talking dirty doesn’t just have to be for the bedroom, you can use it anytime of the day and night, whether you are with your partner or not. A sex text or two telling them what you want to do to them later can build up some serious sexual tension throughout the day leading to explosive sex later. It adds a little spice, intimacy and excitement to your relationship and that’s a great thing to have.

The basic rules of Sex talk is this: 1) Tell them what you want to do to them 2) Describe what your doing to them in detail and 3) Tell them how great what you did was!

You can start small with the sexting, Tell them that you are thinking of them, tell them what you would do if they were with you right now, use your imagination! Tell them what you would want them to do to you, this is great for building a fantasy as well as getting to know even better what your partner likes, it’s seduction and instruction all at the same time. With all this discussion about what you are going to do to each other you can now use your partner’s texts to pick out certain words that they use that are sexy to them, for example if he said “I want you to stroke my cock” then you can use that as a reference during sex talk in the bedroom that he finds the word cock sexier to him than say, dick. Little hints can be gleaned from their language.

So you’re in the bedroom, things are getting hot and heavy and now you have to speak dirty face to face, what now!? Simple is always better when you are starting out, there doesn’t need to be a character you’re playing with half a script in your head, just concentrate on what you are doing during your foreplay or sex and just use that as your keywords, if you are giving them oral you can look up and say “I love the way your cock/pussy tastes” It’s best to have an honest communication beforehand about certain words that shouldn’t be used for example she may not react very well to being called “Daddy’s little slut” to best not to improvise until you are more experienced with what they like to hear first. If they are doing something you like, tell them! “That feels so fucking good”, “I love your tight pussy/hard cock”

Once it’s over and it’s gone well you can either recap what happened and explicitly tell them what you enjoyed or you can save it for the next day’s sex texts. Repeat and enjoy!