Is THIS normal?

Let’s talk about squirting…  have you done it or made a partner do it and was shocked and unsure about what just happened? If so you’re not alone, squirting is an area that not many men or women really talk about.


Squirting or Female ejaculation, has been around for a millennia and has been mentioned in ancient texts dating back to 200AD where it is mentioned as ‘female semen’ in the well known Kamasutra. So why do so few people actually seem to believe it exists or want to talk about it outside of discussing it in relation to porn videos on the internet?

The Difference between being wet and squirting is that the normal lubrication that appears is from the vaginal walls whereas the liquid emitted during squirting comes from the Vulva and out of your urethra, because of where it comes out a lot of men and even some of the women who do it, may mistake it as being just urine and assume they had an accident. While it does contain  creatinine and urea which are two of the things that make up urine, it also has prostate specific antigen (PSA) and prostatic acid phosphatase which are present in semen. The liquid is usually colourless and odourless.

Whilst anyone with a vulva has the capacity to Squirt, not everyone has and can ever do it and nobody really knows why. For those who want to try though there are a couple of tips, firstly try it by yourself before trying with a partner, this lessens the pressure you might put on yourself. Secondly, Research suggests that to squirt you need both clitoral and G Spot stimulation so unless you are very talented with your fingers and can contort into very bendy positions, invest in a good rampant rabbit to get the job done. Thirdly, some people have the sensation that they are about to wet themselves right before they squirt so put a towel down (just in case you happen to actually do that) and carry on, push past it and you might just find that you have learnt to squirt!

You can do all of this with a partner but please be aware, if you are a male, do not try and pressure her into it or make her feel bad if she can’t do it. It doesn’t mean she is not turned on by you or she is lying about having an orgasm it simply means that her body just doesn’t want to or know how to do it!

If you cannot do it for yourself and your partner has not had any luck then don’t lose hope. Some people can go their whole lives without ever squirting and some will get to 50 and discover they can do it, there are no rules about when and if it will happen but you can sure have fun trying!