Men’s biggest bedroom worries

Women often take for granted that men are carefree when it comes to sex and don’t really worry about the same things that women do but this is not the case. A lot of men have worries about their body, sex life, penis and more that they feel they cannot really talk to anybody about for fear of being seen less manly to women and other men, worries such as:


Their penis – It seems that every man wishes he had more than what he has or if he has a large penis then struggles to enjoy sex with it, Men are brought up with the idea that bigger is better and that’s what women want.

The average penis when erect is between 5 to 7 inches but when it is flaccid then it is around 3.75 inches. If you are anywhere in those ranges then chances are, your woman is quite happy with what you have. The shape of the penis is also something to stress about but they come in all shapes and angles. Some point straight up, some go to the left, some to the right and some point straight down! As long as it is not causing you pain then any angle is perfectly fine and will exist!

Performance – Porn has told men that women want it hard and fast and to last forever but if they can’t live up to that then they feel like they are not doing it right. The trick is to just talk to your partner, as long as they are happy with it then stop comparing it to what you think it should be and enjoy how it is. If you struggle with premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction then there are self help techniques you can look up or see your doctor for advice. It’s not about how long you can go but how well you can satisfy your partner in that time!

Body Image – If a man is carrying extra weight then that can have an impact on his self confidence which in turn can affect his sex drive. It’s not just bigger guys though, some men worry that they do not have enough muscles or weight and that they are not manly looking enough. Height is also a cause for concern for some shorter men who can lose confidence in themselves.

Although sex should be a two way street with give and take on both sides, traditionally it has been the man who steered the sexual ship and was in control of what happened during sex with the woman being more submissive and this left a lot of men trying to prove themselves. But as time has passed the women are stepping up and making it so that they are not afraid to take charge to get what they need. If you have worries then don’t be afraid to just share them with her and you might be surprised to hear that she has things she freaks out about herself!