How vocal should you be during sex?

Are you a screamer? A moaner or grunter or do you lie there eerily silent until the deed is done? Wherever you are on the scale of noise, is your partner happy with it? It turns out that a major gripe of women nowadays is that their male counterpart expects them to make noise during sex but they themselves do not! The men meanwhile find it slightly odd if the woman is quiet throughout as they have been conditioned into thinking that she has to be noisy if she is actually enjoying it and if she is silent then he is doing something wrong.


With all this in mind, there is actually a very simple way to make sure that you are both happy with the amount of communication in the bedroom and that is by using…Communication!!

TALK to your partner, ask them what they like and what they don’t like and invite them to do the same for you. You might be surprised at what gets discussed when you actually outright talk about it, not to mention sex talk and thinking about the things that please us in bed is foreplay all on it’s own and a great way to warm up for the main event.

If you want to be more vocal but don’t know where to start then here is three tips for you to get you going:

You don’t need to be all “Oh yeah baby do me like that!!” right off the bat if that makes you feel silly, start simply with telling them you like what they are doing and if you’re feeling brave, what you want them to do next.

Not all sighs are bad. Feel free to let out some breathy exhales at the right moments to let them know that you are enjoying it. Maybe not a yawn though!

Little moans are easy to let slip without having to force them into loud exaggerated ones. Trust me, your partner is listening to you and the slightest change in your voice and breath will be caught by them without you adding on volume and intensity like you are being filmed for later viewing. Unless that’s your thing…In which case amplify away! That mic won’t be as sensitive as your partner’s ears.