The benefits of morning sex

You wake up, hair a state, hot and possibly sticky and with breath that could fell a small child at 10 paces…You open your eyes to see your partner giving you those “I know you already came to bed but how about we stay in it” eyes and they go in for a good morning kiss with added intentions…Why should you not recoil in horror and make an excuse to get up and ready for the day instead of getting down and dirty? Well read on to find out why that early morning romp might just be the best decision you make all day!

  1. Despite your brain making excuses, your bodies are actually all fuelled up and ready to go! First thing in the morning your levels of testosterone or estrogen are the highest that they are going to be all day, these hormones have a huge influence on sexual desire, not to mention they make it easier to get aroused in the first place so sex would be easier and possibly quicker than normal.
  2. Not too quick however! The high levels of testosterone in the man, first thing in the morning have been proven to not only help him last longer but have a stronger erection and an increased libido.
  3. The girls are not left out though, increased blood flow to the vagina and self lubrication during the night can lead to being extra sensitive in the mornings and having a much easier time getting aroused.
  4. Energy wise you will be at your best once you have woken up and gotten your bearings. Not being tired leads to less distractions and more energy to truly have great sex in the morning rather than lethargic, distracted sex last thing at night when you just want to get some sleep!
  5. Nothing sets you up for the day mood wise than having great sex first thing in the morning, those love hormones will carry you through the bulk of your day leaving you feeling happy and relaxed and able to take on the world! Especially once you had your coffee afterwards!
  6. Endorphins! Those wonderful natural pain relieving chemicals that are produced during sex can help you start your day right without the stiffness and sore back that you may have otherwise had first thing in the morning. No need to start your day with an ibuprofen and yoga!
  7. Finally, if you needed anymore proof that morning sex is the best then how about great skin, boosted immune system and just plain looking great and living longer!? With all the feel good hormones and anti inflammatory chemicals and antibodies that get stirred up during sex you can actually improve your skin and health leaving you looking and feeling great!