How to boost your testosterone levels

Testosterone is not just something to do with sex and how manly you feel, in fact did you even know that women produce a small amount of it in their ovaries and adrenal glands? In men though it is produced in far greater quantities in their testicles. It has multiple uses and influences such as:

  1. Controlling muscle mass
  2. Bone strength
  3. Facial and pubic hair
  4. Sex drive
  5. Mood
  6. Logic/concentration

With all of these things being controlled by testosterone it is easy to see why having low testosterone levels can be a concern to some men. Here are some ways you can boost your testosterone levels yourself without having to resort to anything more drastic such as medication.

Exercise – Exercise is a great way to boost your testosterone levels naturally and the added bonus that you can look and feel great after doing it! Resistance training such as lifting weights is the best form of exercise to increase your levels although High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) is also very effective. This method has both short and long term effects on your levels.

Sleep better – Making sure you have enough sleep is a simple yet huge part of controlling your levels and they replenish and build us as you sleep and if you are not getting enough or are getting interrupted sleep then you are not working at peak efficiency. Examine your sleeping patterns and make sure you are getting enough.

Eat a balanced diet – Make sure you are getting plenty of protein and not too much fatty sugary foods, weight gain has a huge effect on testosterone production and maintaining a healthy body and balanced diet is proven to help. Research has been done into whether certain foods can help raise testosterone levels. Tuna, egg yolks, low-fat milk and beef have all been lauded but the basic rule is a healthy mix of proteins, carbohydrates and fat is the best way.

Keeping stress levels down will help as stress increases the cortisol production in your body and cortisol levels directly impact testosterone levels so staying calm and relaxed is a must. Using the exercise as another method of reducing stress is a great skill to learn,

So the basic information to take away is that if you are worried about your testosterone levels then making sure that you are as fit and healthy and happy as you can be is the first and usually only steps you need to take.