Want to spice up lockdown 3.0?

Here we are again…Grounded. Are you one of the lucky ones who are stuck at home with a partner who can satisfy your every desire in the bedroom or are you googling home made sex toys and browsing porn sites to get your rocks off as you’re stuck self pleasing in the pandemic?


Or are you a swinging couple or a dogger and you and your partner are now stuck without the opportunity to have an audience for your energetic performances?

Whatever the category I think we can all agree that the pandemic has surely cramped our sex style no? But does it have to…

The conferencing app Zoom has become a staple this past year in terms of staying connected to work and family and friends and even the odd virtual pub quiz/singalong! But instead of hosting a virtual house party, people have begun to embrace the virtual sex party! In fact businesses formally in the sex party line of work have begun moving online to great success!

Killing Kittens is leading the revolution of the online sex party. For a bargain price of £20 you can log on to see singles and couples living out their online audience fantasies, erotic dance performances, or you can even attend online workshops for everything sex related.

NSFW is another club turned virtual sex party offering an even cheaper service complete with live DJ. The club is Manhattan based but has members log on from all around the world.

Xtasia, a long running UK fetish and swingers club have their own unique ‘virtual swinging party night’ instead of hosting it at their club/hotel its moved online and the profits go towards supporting the club so it can in time reopen once all the corona madness is over.

You don’t have to go on camera at any of these events if you are shy or do not wish to be recognised and there is always a risk online that people can record or screenshot whatever is on their screen so if you do wish to go on camera then perhaps a mask may be a good idea. If you just want to watch and chat through the chat room areas though you won’t be alone.

So if you are desperate for that sexual connection with others and can’t leave the house then there will be a virtual sex party out there for you somewhere!