Have you tried THESE positions?

If your experience of sexual positions ranges from missionary to doggy, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl and not much else then prepare to have your mind blown! Sex has been around…well…forever, so it makes sense that people have thought up new ways to keep it fresh over the years. The main way to switch it up is to try out new positions and here is where it all gets a bit…weird.


The Helicopter – Also shows up online as the Passion Propeller. No proof that it is possible but that does not stop people from trying! The male lies on top of the female while fully erect inside her and then between them they try to spin him clockwise like a helicopter blade. Danger scale 8/10! Why!?

The Wheelbarrow – Picture this, the man grabs the woman by her pelvis bringing her backwards onto his penis while he is standing. The woman has her arms out to the floor like she is trying to do a handstand or if she is feeling like she doesn’t want the arm workout then resting on a surface or the bed. Complete control of penetration by the male and a strange but exciting view. Danger 4/10, as long as her arms hold out and she doesn’t pass out from being upside down this is a fun and novel position to try.

The Bridge – This one is a total body workout for the woman but it also gives her all of the control too. The woman makes a bridge shape with her body by either putting her arms out and leaning backwards until they are on the floor and then the man kneels or crouches between her legs while her feet are also flat on the floor. For those a little less flexible you can try having your arms out behind you and then pushing your pelvis up into a bridge instead of bending backwards. Danger 3/10, slight risk of arms giving out and bruising your coccyx and your ego!

Sex and Spin/Sit and Spin – Have the man sit on top of the washing machine/tumble dryer with his legs dangling off and then have her straddle him in the cowgirl position. Press start and then experience the thrill of an all-over body vibration while you’re doing the deed! Danger 2/10, make sure he doesn’t let go or she will fall off! Laundry need never be boring again.

The Brute – Ok bare with me here and I’ll try to paint the picture. The woman is lying on her back with her feet somewhere over her head so that her bottom is off the ground. The man then backs up and inserts himself into her while facing away from her and sitting on her like some kind of weird sex doll seat. He holds her thighs and then uses the momentum of leaning backwards and forwards to penetrate her. Can you see it? Google can help if you can’t. Danger 8/10, uncomfortable and dangerous for the woman below having his weight on her with her neck in a precarious position, looks more like a wrestling move than a loving sex position!

These are just a few of the weird and wonderful different ways to get your rocks off but just because you can contort yourself into some of them, it doesn’t mean you should! Although mixing sex with a total body core workout would save time, we’re all on lockdown…Take your time!