She can be more than a Cow Girl.

If you are a female who likes to take charge or a male who wants his woman to be the dominant one then you will probably enjoy trying out these girl on top positions during your next sex session. If you have never been comfortable being on top or are just not sure why you should then it’s an opportunity for you to give it a go and discover your new favourite thing to do!


Traditional Cowgirl – Having the woman straddle the male who is lying down and facing him is the traditional position for a girl on top. This position means that the woman can control, not only the depth and penetration but that it is an excellent position for clitoral stimulation either by her motion or her partner’s hands who are free to roam while she does all the work!

Waterfall – For those of you who would rather not have to get up from the sofa while binge-watching Netflix, why not incorporate it into your sex life!? Have the male lie backwards off the edge of the sofa so his head and shoulders are off it while his legs and buttocks are still on it. Have the woman straddle him in the cowgirl position. The effect of having his head hanging down during orgasm means an extra rush of blood similar to the effect erotic asphyxiation can have without the danger, leading to a mind-blowing climax!

Missionary – This traditional position does not have to be done with the male on top. Have the woman lying along with the male or possibly with her thighs wrapped around his hips as she leans down and presses her breasts against him so you can be face to face. This is very intimate and the woman retains the control of the male’s movements as she is on top.

Reverse/Crouching Reverse Cowgirl – As expected, reverse cowgirl is simply the traditional cowgirl with the woman facing the man and reverse is when she faces away from him. Crouching reverse cowgirl is when instead of sitting upright, she leans forward and either places her hands on the bed or possibly around the male’s ankles or legs. This gives her greater control and gives him a great view of her behind as she goes at it!

There are many other positions to try with all kinds of names and levels of expertise, flexibility and stamina required, so start trying them out to find your new favourite position today!