Why THIS fetish makes so much sense

Have you heard of Maiesiophilia or Maieusophoria before? Or to put it another way, did you know that there is such a thing in the world of BDSM as pregnancy Fetishism? It is not as simple as someone being sexually attracted to the body of a pregnant woman as you might believe but rather depends on which part of pregnancy you have a fetish about. People that have a pregnancy fetish are known as Maiesiophiliacs.


Different parts of pregnancy can be seen as erotic by Maiesiophiliacs from impregnation, lactation to childbirth. Some however do not even require an actual pregnancy to indulge their fetish but the mere appearance of a bloated stomach caused by food or gas or natural obesity! The stomach is not always the focus of people with Maiesiophilia, other areas of a woman’s body that change during pregnancy such as the breasts and in particular the nipples are also objects of great eroticism because they can go through major changes in size and colour during pregnancy.

While for some it is the body that is the centre of the fetish, for others it is the actual act of impregnating a woman and creating a life, that they find so powerfully erotic or in other cases, the actual childbirth itself showcasing the power of the human body and strength of women.

While it is not possible to know why people have a certain fetish and it is never the same for all, pregnant women are usually held up as caring, nurturing, maternal and have a kind of almost special aura attributed to them during their pregnancy. For these reasons they are set apart on a kind of pedestal where it is easy to idolise them and turn them into a fetish.

In modern society it is easy to see how the pregnant body can be celebrated by total strangers, a lot of female celebrities that have been interviewed while heavily pregnant have done a photoshoot to accompany the article showcasing their bump in all its glory, while not wearing much of anything else! This mix of nakedness and prominent showing of the belly can certainly create mixed feelings in someone who finds the celebrity attractive in the first place about whether or not the pregnancy enhances the attraction or not. Of course, all pregnant women are supposed to be considered beautiful, but not everybody makes a fetish of it.