Will THIS sex trend carry on into 2021?

As the horrible dream that was 2020 fades and the optimistic 2021 has arrived, albeit, with a new lockdown, we are reminded of what is important to us as we stay at home and do our best to stay sane….Sex Toys.


That’s right! Deny it if you like, but I think we have all realised over the past 12 months just how important, necessary, and just plain sanity-saving our sex toys are to us! If by some strange reason you do not have a sex toy, then this is the year for you to get in on the action and discover just why we have all fallen back in love with sex toys lately. People have become so invested in their sex toys that they even began making them themselves! At least, if they already owned a 3D printer that is…

For those of you who don’t own a 3D printer have no fear, multiple businesses have sprung up this past year who are happy to do it for you. So, why the popularity of 3D printed toys?

Customization – When a sex toy is 3D printed it has been fed the exact specifications and measurements of whoever is in charge, but it can be changed! Unlike mass-produced sex toys, each sex toy can have different specs without having to create an entirely new mould like you would in a factory. This means that if Mrs. Jones would like a replica of her hubby Harry’s penis, complete with that weird big vein that goes right down the middle and a slight 5-degree bend then there is no need to settle…That’s exactly what she is getting!

Safety – You can’t just print a sex toy and start using it mind you, the materials used are not compatible or safe to use due to its porous material and the bacteria risk. What you do is use the printer to print the mold and then you use the correct materials such as food-safe silicone and sprays to create the toy with. Some companies will send you the mold while some will make the actual toy and then send that on.

Nobody knows exactly how many tech start-ups have been created specifically for this particular market demand but enough that it has become a viable business. For those that are not as particular, there are still the normal avenues to purchase sex toys of which there are more than enough different types to keep you interested. Suffice to say that with another lockdown in place and Covid looming large, sex toys are going to keep selling well.