Natural or fake? Do men have a preference?

Since the days of spelling out boobie on their calculators, boys have been obsessed with the look, feel, and general existence of a woman’s breasts. In those days, boobs were a magical mystery, and any time a young man got to be near them they just appreciated the fact that they existed rather than having an opinion on exactly how they looked. How times have changed!


Over the years women’s breast sizes have increased so that the average has gone from a B to a C cup so in general, men have gotten used to a slightly fuller chest on a lady. While small tits are not a deal-breaker for some, a lot of men have the preference for a bigger set of breasts to play with, and who can blame them? Boobs are fun! There is such a thing as too big though right?

Women who suffer from the disadvantages of having large natural breasts now have the option of surgery to reduce the size of them, which did not exist many years ago. Similarly, women who want a bigger pair can also get a boob job to increase their size. Breast surgery has become so advanced that sometimes it is very hard to tell whether a lady’s breasts are her own, or given to her by a really good doctor!

This has caused men to now not know if the breasts they are attracted to by looks alone are going to feel like a natural pair if they can get their hands on them! Science tells us that the more estrogen a woman has, the bigger breasts she tends to have to showcase her fertility and for this reason alone, all men following their caveman instincts should go for the biggest boobs they can find right? Well, it turns out that all those years of evolution have given most men the choice to ignore the call of a fertile woman and settle for their preference of a nice medium pair of natural breasts on average.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and while a few good men love a tiny pair of breasts and could care less about whether they are real or not, a lot more men appreciate the enormous, impossibly round and ridiculously perky set of tits you are most likely to see on after 9 pm TV and in porn magazines. Even though they are blatantly fake and move and feel nothing like the real thing, a large cross-section of the men of today love to ogle these impressive mammaries.

Bottom line? There is no universally perfect pair that attracts all guys, only singular opinions that are all over the place and changing all the time!