REVEALED….Most common things used in place of these…..

Condoms are the only contraceptive that prevents both pregnancies as well as sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If you want safe sex then there is no better thing to use, but thing’s such as availability and cost mean that people in desperate circumstances have resorted to using something else in place of the beloved condom with sometimes surprising consequences!


While nowadays condoms are mass-produced in factories using natural latex or for those who have a latex allergy, polyurethane. Interestingly you can still buy ‘Lambskin’ condoms which are made from sheep’s intestine and while they are semi-effective at preventing pregnancy it is not advised to use them for preventing an STI as the material is pores.

In history, condoms have been found to have been made from the strangest things such as oiled silk paper, tortoiseshell, animal horn, fine leather, and lambs bladder! These things were not just lying around and so getting hold of a contraceptive was a mission and they had to be reusable. In modern times though there seem to be other options being used although I cannot attest to the effectiveness so please use this as an informational and not instructional article!

Cling film – Not just used for keeping food fresh in the fridge apparently! People have been turning to a roll of this in a pinch. If you don’t use enough then you run the risk of it splitting easily, too much and you can’t feel a thing. If you end up adding another layer it will not stick to itself and you run the risk of it coming off.

Sandwich bag – In the same vein as the cling film, this food protection has been utilised as a barrier to wrap around the penis. It’s either held in place with a spare hand or if you get one of those with the self-sealing top you could always try and create a good seal. If you own a cock ring this would be a good item to use.

Rubber glove – Pick a hole! It might be a bit of a squeeze but if you can stretch out a finger, you could quite easily secure it over your penis. As long as you don’t mind the rest of the glove flapping around while you’re doing the dirty deed!

Balloons – Balloons come in all sizes just like the penis! A water balloon however should not be able to fit on anybody’s penis and if by chance you manage it then you probably have the length of an advert break before you risk permanent damage! Normal balloons go on easier and come off just as easy unless you hold it to your shaft.

As stated above I do not advise you actually using any of the above instead of a condom!