Expressing yourself through sex

Abstract artist Jeremy Brown had a friend round who complimented a piece of art that hung in his house, he explained to her the method behind making it which turned out to be quite a sexy method involving a sexual partner, some canvas, some paint, and then a whole lot of nakedness! The friend asked Jeremy to put together all the materials and instructions she and her husband would need to make their own and thus the very first Love is Art kit was produced.


So how do you make your masterpiece?  You get naked, roll around in some paint and then get busy with your other half on top of the canvas while it records your every writhe and slip, creating a one of a kind abstract diagram of your sex session!

Brown spent some time making sure that it was safe and could be easily replicated by people with no art skills, he looked into safe paint that could be washed off fairly easily and making sure that the canvas used did not give people allergies. He even added two pairs of disposable slippers so that when you were done you could get yourselves off to the shower without tracking paint all over your rooms, talk about thinking of everything!

Since that first friendly request, Brown has turned Love is Art into a real money maker and you can purchase all different kinds of kits in different price ranges. They all contain the same material, Paint, canvas, slippers, and a plastic sheet, the price is usually dependent on the size of the canvas and the amount and different colours of paint.

If you don’t have the money to spend on a kit from the original artist’s site then you can browse around for cheaper versions of the kit to buy or you can even create your own kit. Make sure that the paint is non-toxic and can wash off so you are not walking around like a Smurf for a week and make sure that the canvas isn’t going to rub you raw and cause some kind of nasty infection or allergy. One thing that you do not get in the kits but you will need is a means to stretch the canvas once you have made your picture. You can have it sent off or take it somewhere where people do that for you and frame it or you can buy your own canvas stretchers if you plan on making a few more masterpieces of your own at a later date. Have fun!