Best positions to hit her G Spot every time.

Do you know anything about the Gräfenberg spot? Otherwise, known as the G Spot? That magical yet elusive orgasm button that all women have yet most men struggle to find? Apparently, it is around 2 to 3 inches inside the vagina at the top so during sex, if you insert a finger and do the ‘come here’ finger motion you should be able to feel a slightly different texture of the skin and that is likely to be it. The problem is, despite being studied for decades, there is not actually any scientific proof that it exists and scientists are keen to tell women that if they do not have one then it is perfectly normal, and in fact, it is the women who experience intense G Spot orgasms that are the rare ones. If there is any chance of finding it though, these are the positions to try!


Doggy style – This position is the perfect way to get the penetration and correct angle to reach the G Spot. The woman can angle her hips and raise and lower her body to concentrate on getting the perfect angle without much trouble. The man now has his hands free to stimulate her clitoris or breasts which helps as it increases blood flow to the G Spot the more aroused you feel.

Cowgirl – Having the woman on top gives her the ultimate control over exactly how deep and at what angle the penis enters her and she can do the reverse cowgirl too if she wants to switch it up a bit. Instead of going straight up and down, try moving backward and forwards instead to rub against your vaginal walls better.

Spooning – Get into the spooning position and then raise your knees enough for your partner to enter you from behind. This position does not allow for deep penetration but you can get the right angle for the penis to reach the front top wall of the vagina. Your partner can also reach around for clitoral stimulation to help the blood reach and swell the G Spot.

The Wheelbarrow – This energetic position is great for getting that perfect angle to the front wall of the vagina and if you find yourself unable to hold up your weight for long enough you can always lay on a high surface such as a table to take the pressure off. Just angle your pelvis to find the right angle.

So give these a go and if you find you never discover the G Spot at least you have had a brilliant go at it and had fun along the way.