WOW….. Have you ever used THESE toys?

Foreplay doesn’t have to be something you get through to get to the main event but can be an all-night and day type of way to build the sexual excitement and tease your partner to the point where sex is just the cherry on top rather than the goal. Toys are a great way to spice up your love life and here are a few that you can incorporate into your foreplay.


Massage candles – If you have ever indulged in a little wax play before you will know that a hot candle poured straight onto somebody ranges from “Oh my gosh that’s really hot!” to “Ahhh run the shower and get the ice!!” Massage candles however are specially made to burn at a lower temperature so that when the wax melts, you can pour it onto your partner without the fear of a third-degree burn. The wax melts into an essential oil mix that is then used for a sensual massage so it doubles up as mood lighting plus sexy oil!

Sex Swing – This may be a little intimidating for some but it may also open sexual experiences that you never dreamed possible! You don’t have to get out your drill and attach something to your ceiling that shouts sex swing at your family members either as a lot of swings nowadays come with free-standing frames that mean you can collapse it and hide it away when nosy company come round. But why use a swing? One reason is that the person in the swing is very restricted and the domination/submissive vibe is really strong with swing play. Another reason is that you can get into positions that you normally wouldn’t be able to do as typically our partners don’t levitate!

Blindfolds – Sometimes even foreplay gets a little boring and repetitive and becomes almost like a script you follow so why not try a little blindfold play to spice it up? Have your partner wear headphones for even more sensory deprivation which will ramp up their sensitivity and leave them with nothing to do except guess what you’re going to do. You can have fun switching up what you are using to touch them with, for example, hands, tongue, sex toy?

Ice Play – If you are interested in temperature play but the hot wax of a candle seems a little much then how about going to the other end of the scale and using ice? The ice will make your nerve ending sensitive and your brain will tell your body that the cold signals and the pleasure signals are a confusing mess that feels so good! Try popping an ice cube in your mouth before using your tongue as you normally would to see how much of a difference it makes.