Best positions for overweight men

Are you a chubby hubby looking to take the pressure off your wife? A large lover who is bored and wants to switch up his moves confidently? Do you worry that your body fat is getting In the way of your lady getting the full length of your love? Have no fear! Try out these positions to enjoy the best sex a big guy can have without worrying that you are too heavy for your partner to enjoy it.


Reverse cowgirl – Have your lady straddle you facing away so that you have the gorgeous view of her backside and you get the bonus of not having to worry about her seeing your fat wobble as she rides you. By facing away she can thrust forward without your belly stopping her motion. She has all the control and the penetration will be deeper because you are on your back.  

Doggy style – This is perfect for the bigger partner as you can get deeper penetration and none of your weight is on your partner. Have them on their hands and knees or if there is a vast height difference, you can use pillows or surfaces such as the edge of the bed to help even out the difference.

Lap sitting – Sit on a chair or the edge of the bed and have her straddle your lap as she guides you into her. You can now embrace each other and cuddle and kiss while she is in control of penetration by how she moves her hips. By looking into each other’s faces the anxiety of having your weight on full show goes away leaving you to concentrate on the feelings.

The Butterfly – Have your lady lie on her back and put a pillow under her bottom. Put her legs over your shoulders and have her tilt herself while you enter her. You can get amazing penetration without having to put your weight on her and you can look at each other in the eyes as you make love which sometimes you just need to do.

Table Top – Having your partner lie on a surface such as a table will mean you can enter her without having any weight on her. She can hug your hips with her legs or have them in the air if you are both on the larger side as this allows deeper penetration without thighs getting in the way.

Sex should be fun and not an exercise in core strength and breathing in so give these a go and fully enjoy your sex life, belly or not!