Exactly how bad is THIS for your health?

From the day that you discovered you had a penis and that it felt good to touch it, you have been inundated with all kinds of scary things that can happen if you play with your willy too much. Here are a few:


If you keep playing with your penis you’ll go blind.

Playing with your dick will give you hairy hands and everyone will know.

Overuse of your cock will leave you impotent when you’re older.

If you masturbate too much your dick will run out of semen later in life.

These are a few of the most used ones and you have probably been subjected to at least one of these pearls of wisdom growing up! Whilst thing’s like blindness and hairy hands are unbelievable to most, the threat of impotence is enough to make any man question just how much is too much?

Studies show that people who masturbate both separately and together do not suffer from any negative sexual health problems and it can bring them closer together in a relationship and improve their sex life by giving them knowledge of exactly what they like.

For masturbation to be a problem it would have to be classified as ‘Chronic Masturbation’. This means that it would have to be enough to affect a person’s health, relationships, and mental health.

Physically, the act of masturbating too often and too forcefully could cause chafing and swelling in the penis but it would be short-lived and go away fairly quickly unless it was to become infected by improper cleanliness.

Relationship wise, if they masturbate so much that it causes them to miss events or work or stop seeing people and going outside then relationships can fall apart. At this point seeing a GP would be a good idea with perhaps therapy considered.

Mentally, masturbation may be something that they were taught was wrong or immortal and therefore they feel bad about doing it.

The health benefits of masturbation far outweigh the risk of any possible negatives and include lowering stress, sleeping better, increased concentration, better mood, and alleviating pain. As long as it is not affecting your life in a bad way then you should masturbate as often as you like without the fear of repercussions.