Is THIS just a mess or the best sex you’ll ever have?

A period is once a month on average, every month from when you first hit puberty to when menopause finally tells you that you are officially getting on in terms of how gross your sex life would be to strangers. If you add up all those weeks and months and years that you say no to sex because you are having your period, it is a LOT of missed opportunities for having a great time!


Firstly, it is perfectly safe to have sex whilst on your period despite what gruesome stories your granny was told. Your womb won’t fall out. The man’s penis won’t drop off. The blood won’t go back into your body and stay there forever! Do you know the really bad thing that will happen? You might stain your nice sheets. That’s it, honest.

No matter where you are in your menstrual cycle, you CAN get pregnant so it is always advisable to wear a condom. STIs such as HIV or Hepatitis live in the blood and can easily be passed during menstrual sex but they can also be passed through regular sex and so protection has the same value either way.

So if you can live with the mess then maybe take a look at the actual benefits of sex during your period. Around the time of a period, a woman can get a huge increase in her sex drive thanks to all those hormones flying around. Now guys…Your lady is as horny as she has ever been and you’re saying no to sex because you are a little squeamish? You have to get over it and help your lady get some release! Not just for her satisfaction but because also sex and orgasms can help with: Menstrual cramps, speeding up the length of her period, relieve her period headache and generally make her a little less snappy and stressed which all benefits you in the long run! Stop seeing the blood as something to avoid and instead see it for the natural coloured lube that it can be!

Not all men are squeamish or flat out disgusted by the idea of having sex with a woman on her period, some are just unsure of what is actually going on and what is safe and so they just don’t initiate sex. Some women are so used to the negative attitude men have had towards the idea of period sex in the past, that they just assume it is not something that will happen and so never broach the subject leaving the man assuming that they do not want sex. These attitudes are slowly being addressed through sex education giving the boys knowledge that they never had before and the act of younger generations being more open to talking about the subject to their sexual partners. So grab a towel, ready the washing machine, and go and have some fun!