How to get a little more from Oral.

Getting a blowjob is typically thought of as a man standing and a woman on her knees, a woman receiving oral is lying on the bed and he’s bent over between her legs right? How boring! Let’s look at a few ways to change things up so that your cunnilingus is comfy as well as amazing!


69 – Nobody ever said that you have to take it in turns to receive oral. If you’re into equal opportunity pleasure and you can multitask then the 69 position is for you! In a top and tail position, you both perform oral at the same time. It’s great for those who don’t like to be watched while performing oral or never know what to do with their hands because you’re going to be busy yourself!

Facesitting – Instead of having the woman lying on her back to receive oral, why not try crouching over your partner’s face or putting your knees on the pillow and scooting back until your partner can reach your vagina. This position gives you all the control as you can decide how close to their mouth you want to be which decides how much pressure they can use. You’re not sitting on their face but kneeling so don’t worry you won’t suffocate them by accident you can just lean forward and raise yourself anytime.

Doggy style oral – Have the lady get on all fours and then you can crouch down behind her on all fours yourself or have her move to the edge of the bed so you can kneel on the floor to be at face level. This position is great if you want to alternate between oral and analingus.

The Jackhammer – Have one of you lie on the bed with your head hanging off the edge to allow you to tilt your head back properly. The man can now straddle your head and squat up and down into your mouth. The one doing the squatting has complete control over how fast and deep they can go so try not to choke your partner trying this one out!

Speaking of choking, I’m including one oral sex thing on here that does not in any way make cunnilingus more comfortable or sexy or do anything other than give you a story to tell your friends if you dare…

The angry dragon – When you are receiving a blowjob and are just about to ejaculate, push the givers head down so that you trigger the gag reflex and watch as cum shoots out of their nose. Perform this risky trick at your own peril as where there is a gag reflex there is also a bite reflex!