OMG….have you tried THESE?

If Doggy style is your favourite position but you want to switch it up a bit then here are a few examples of different variations of it, some interesting and some just plain odd!  


Chicking Winging – I mentioned odd, and here it is first up to get it out of the way. Right up until orgasm it is a traditional doggy style all the way but then when the receiver is about to orgasm, the giver bends their arms backward sharply until it resembles a chicken wing shape. This makes the poor recipient scream out loud because it either hurts or because it startles them. I wouldn’t suggest attempting this if you have to stay at somebody’s house and are trying to be stealthy.

The Superhero – This one is an arm workout for the giver and a total core workout for the receiver! Find a surface that is roughly groin level and have your partner lay face down on it while you grab their hips to raise them off the ground. They can then wrap their legs around you or have them sticking out for even more effort. You can keep this up as long as your arm strength holds up and it provides full control of depth and speed and you can admire your arm muscles while you work!

Kneel Together – This is a very intimate style of doggy where once you have entered your partner you have them straighten themselves up until you are both kneeling together. Rather than them having to brace themselves on the bed, they now have full use of their hands to do with as they wish and you can whisper sweet nothings or dirty words in their ear or nibble on their ear instead of just powering away from behind. Less penetration but more sweetness!

Downward Dog – This one is great if you want it a little more animalistic and rough with complete submission from your partner. Instead of them using their arms to balance themselves they place their palms up on the bed alongside their body. For added domination, you can hold and pin their hands to the bed.

If you are not a fan of being on your hands and knees then there are a variety of props and surfaces you can use to help take the pressure off but still enjoy the depth and penetration that doggy style can give you. Try sinking into the bed but putting a pillow under your hips to raise your bottom half up. Standing up next to the bed and then leaning over onto it while remaining standing is another option and if you are too tall then putting your knees on the bed too but leaving your partner standing is another way to go. Whatever you do, just play around until you find the right one for you!