You might already know this, but anal sex requires some prep work and due diligence. And, I’m here to take you through all the necessary steps. 


Anal sex can be a lot of fun for any gender – some cis couples even prefer it to vaginal sex. Granted, it takes a little more planning, and it comes with its risks, but for some people, the added danger makes it all the more exciting. 

I cannot stress this enough, but the most important aspect of anal sex is preparation. Make sure both parties are clean. This might be self-explanatory, but cleanliness is the first thing on the checklist for anal sex. If any bacteria gets transferred during anal sex, it can lead to severe health problems and some embarrassing hospital trips.

If you are bottoming, you might also want to consider douching, to avoid any problems mid-sex…

Next up on the list is lubrication. Lack of lubrication can lead to extreme pain form friction and even things such as anal fissures and haemorrhoids, so be careful and make sure both parties are fully lubed up!

Once you’ve gone through initial preparation, it’s essential to spend some time warming each other up. Anal sex is most pleasurable when both parties are at full arousal as it allows the muscles the relax and for the cock to go in easier.

Start by easing a finger or two in until you feel that there’s been enough preparation to allow for a cock to enter. Then slowly push the head in (all the while making sure the bottom is comfortable). Everyone is different, so only go with what’s comfortable for both parties.

Once you’ve got the cock all the way in, it’s up to you what you do from there. You can go slow and deep or fast and hard – it all depends on the bottom, so make sure you are constantly communicating!