This is not a question any guy wants to ask about his penis… Your personal pipe is your oldest and most loyal friend. Even if he has made you make some terrible decisions, you would never wish any harm on him. 


The cock is a fragile thing, but most of the time, any damage is usually psychological, so do not fret!

If your cock isn’t standing to attention and you’re below the age of 65, it’s probably all in your head. You might be nervous, or you might have had too much to drink, either way, it’ll pass.

However, on very rare occasions, dicks can break. So, let’s have a look at how and why this happens.

Even though they call it a boner, your penis is not a bone. Your penis is a mixture of blood and tissue.

However, if your erect penis is bent or twisted, it can become fractured. Most likely, this will happen during sex, or in some cases, extreme masturbation. Either way, it usually happens at the most embarrassing moment possible. 

Common ways of breaking your penis can be,

  •  hardcore sex where your penis slips out and smacks against your partners pelvis. 
  • if you’re adventurous and you try fucking in the shower, and you slip… I’ll let you imagine the rest.

Penis fractures can be extremely painful and can last for a long time, which means no sex or masturbation for weeks sometimes months. 

If you fracture your penis, you should seek medical attention straight away. You don’t want this causing you long term damage, either physically or mentally. 

Just bear this in mind the next time you envisage recreating your favourite porn scene. What works in the movies might not be possible in real life.