You might be reading this article for a number of reasons. You might have been circumcised for religious reasons, say if you’re Jewish or Muslim, or it might be for medical reasons. Or, maybe you’re just curious about whether having a foreskin makes for better sex. Either way, it’s a debate that has existed for hundreds of years. 


There’s always been a big question surrounding circumcision and whether it affects sexual pleasure, and I’m here to settle the debate.

It’s hard to say whether sex is better with or without a foreskin if you were circumcised at birth. The only real judge could be someone who was circumcised in the middle of their sexual prime.

The science shows that circumcision doesn’t affect sexual pleasure; it can be beneficial to be circumcised in some respects, because many women prefer to have sex with circumcised men for sanitary purposes. So, even if I’m wrong on this one, you might have more chance of getting laid if you are circumcised!

Circumcision is becoming less and less popular due to people moving away from the religious aspect of it. However, if you were circumcised at birth, you are not missing out. 

Yes, you might not have the flappy bit of skin at the end of your dick that many men do. But, trust me, you’re not missing out on much – it’s just another part of your body you have to wash and take care of. 

Likewise, men who have a foreskin, don’t get big-headed and start thinking that you’re superior. Your sensitivity levels are no different than any other man!

And as the saying goes, ‘it takes two to tango.” So, stop thinking about your cock for once and start focusing on having some brilliant sex with your partner!