Who doesn’t love masturbating? Whether it’s something on the TV that has got your blood pumping, or you’re just bored and looking to pass the time. Having a wank is always fun.


Not only is masturbation fun, but it’s also a great way of relieving stress and tension. Heck, if you’re struggling to get some sleep, there’s no better cure for insomnia than having a quick tug!

It can also provide mental clarity if something’s bothering you. Most men will tell you that once they’ve masturbated, they are in a much better mental state to make big decisions.

However, there has always been some speculation surrounding the negative effects of masturbation, namely, lowered sperm quality.

And here’s some good news – masturbating does not affect the quality of your sperm! That’s right, you read it here first – wanking doesn’t affect your chances of having kids!

The chances of getting your partner are more to do with frequency rather than sperm quality. So, the more shagging you do, the more chance you have of getting your partner pregnant!

There’s also evidence to show that men who masturbate more have less chance of developing prostate cancer. The results are not definite, but it’s another good reason to have a wank!

However, there are some side effects to excessive masturbation. And no, they aren’t hairy palms or blindness (well unless you manage to shoot a load into your own eyes – which of course is very rare)

Masturbating too much can cause damage to the skin on your penis and make the affected areas sensitive. So, if you’re starting to feel some pain, maybe give it a rest for a little while.

Also make sure you’re getting on with your daily tasks and not skipping out on exercise or socialising to have a wank, it’s important to get your chores done before enjoying yourself!