Some women are small; some are large. Some women are tall; some women are short. It really doesn’t matter what you are when it comes to sex. There’s something for everyone. 


If you’re a beautiful BBW or a little bit heavy compared to most women, we’re here to give you some tips on how to maximise your sexual potential.

The best sexual position for large women is arguably doggy style. In fact, most people would argue that it’s the best position regardless of size! 

Doggy style is great because it allows your partner to reach your g-spot easily, and if you’re conscious about your stomach, you can keep it hidden.

Second, on the list is spooning. Spooning allows you to lay on your side without having to support any of your own weight, while your partner enters from behind. This position is excellent as it will enable your partner to play with your nipples and clit to give extra stimulation.  

Next up is missionary. This might sound boring, but if it’s done correctly, it can have excellent results. Here are a few variations to play around with.

  • Lift your hips and place a pillow under your bum to allow for deeper penetration. 
  • Play around with speed and rhythm to allow deep thrusts and fast g-spot pounding.

Last on the list is chair sex. This position might be new to you, but it’s great for the larger ladies out there. Have your partner sit in an armchair, while you ease yourself onto his penis. Move gently up and down until you find a comfortable position and have your partner play with your clit simultaneously.

I hope this guide has helped all you bigger ladies looking to spice up your sex life. Just because you’re a bigger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enjoying sex just as much as anyone else!