poppingcandyxo is a super sexy Welsh beauty in Cardiff who offers a dinner date service. A dinner date can consist of many different situations and Candy is well equipped to deal with all of them.


Do you have a work party you have to go to and nobody to invite along to make your co-workers jealous of you insanely hot girlfriend? Give Candy a call! Is it a work meeting at a fancy restaurant, where your boss has told you to bring a date? Candy can do that! Family BBQ? Check!

Or is it a one on one date where you just want to experience wining and dining a beautiful lady before she takes you home to thank you? Candy is petite but comes with a big personality. She is a slight size 8, 5 foot 4, short brown hair and a few large but tasteful tats. She has an enhanced bust that’s a very nice D cup and best of all she has a lovely accent that has a twinge of Welsh to it but is very posh sounding!

Give her a message today to set up a dinner date or just to get straight down to dessert and book for any of her other services today.