Do men masturbate more than women?

Cultural norms would tell you its men, but who can say? Everyone likes a wank – it feels great, it relaxes you, and some people believe it leads to a longer life! So, wank away! Well… make sure you’re in a safe space, first. 


Some men are open about their wanking habits and sometimes even inflate their numbers for more credibility. In contrast, women are often less inclined to be honest about how much they get themselves off. This is usually out of fear of being judged or considered a “slag.” However, this is changing, and women are becoming less bothered about the stigma surrounding wanking. 

In fact, the sex industry is becoming somewhat dominated by porn aimed at women and sex toys designed to help get women off. 

While men might masturbate more regularly, women often like to increase their volume of masturbating. That is – while a man might have one wank per day. A woman might wank 4 times in a row, but only 2/3 times a week.

There is no simple answer to this question, and we’re only likely to get truthful answers from a handful of people. But, its safe to assume that most people engage in having a wank every so often.

Masturbating has changed dramatically over the years. With the increase in trans people coming out, and the acceptance of self-love and gender identity. We now see that masturbation is not restricted to any gender. 

Masturbation is something that is enjoyed by all and is an essential part of many peoples daily routine. However, as the saying goes “too much of a good thing”, so make sure it doesn’t become an addiction! You still need to live the rest of your life!