What does it mean to be a SWITCH?

BDSM isn’t for everyone, but if you’re willing to get into the power play and all the pleasures it can bring – strap in (or strap on) and get ready for some of the most intense sexual experiences of your life!


Bondage and discipline, dominance and submission is the name of the game (BDSM). It requires a power play of domination and submission. Although these terms might sound daunting, it can actually be intensely pleasurable.

In traditional BDSM (if it ever was traditional) one individual is the dom and the other the sub. With the dom telling the sub what to do.

You might be thinking that you’re a sub or a dom, or maybe you’re not sure.

If that’s the case – you’re what is known as a switch!

A switch is someone who likes being both a dom and a sub, depending on their mood. There’s no real formula to being a switch – everyone’s different!

Being a switch isn’t something reserved for the LGBTQ+ community either. Lots of switches are straight.

And there is no shame in this! It doesn’t make you any less of a man to sometimes be a sub!
Everyone has a kinky side, so make sure you explore it!

Likewise, for women to sometimes want to be dominant in the bedroom is not a sign of lacking femininity. It might just mean you like telling your man what to do. And, who knows? Maybe you want to try pegging, where you really get to take control…

Whatever your preference, BDSM is elaborate, so it’s good to explore and find out what you like! Being a switch might only be a temporary thing until you find out what you really like!